Posted by: pipmakassar20 | November 22, 2009


Based on the Transportation Minister of Republic of Indonesia Decree No.: KM 81 tahun 1999; Makassar MMP conducts professional education and training service diploma program on Nautical competence, Technical and Port Shipping Administration. Professional education stresses the implementation of maritime competence and its forming to handle the job according to the practice of maritime generally. Nautical competence, Technical for Strata-A level, and Port Shipping Management to support the tasks of Sea Communication, based on the establish regulation.
The term of Strata – A is implemented for level or education and training programme with “Deck Officer Class III (DOC-III)” and “Engineer Offficer Class III (EOC-III) in Nautics and Technics, as well as vocational education and training in Port and Shipping Administration. All programmes are in 8 semesters including 2 semester of sea/port project with row input from high school graduates.

Since 1995, based on the Head of Education and Training Agency Decree No. SK.363/DL.002/Diklat-95, date on September 13 1995, the institution has develop the programme of education and training, by conducting Diploma –IV programme:

1. Marine Navigation for DOC- III/Diploma-IV competence ;
2. Marine Engineering for EOC-III/Diploma-IV competence;
3. Port & Shipping Management Diploma IV,
All programmes are in 8 semesters including 2 semester of sea/port project.


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