Posted by: pipmakassar20 | January 30, 2010

DP Operator Officer

DP is advance technology in the shipping industry. Shipping company require the DP Operator to operate their DP ship. Many of company provide a DP course for those officer who need to take a DP operator Course.

When oil companies in the North Sea started requiring two system operators on the bridge of
platform support vessels (PSV) during certain operations, analyses of incident reports had
indicated that the workload could be too high for one operator alone. This information
encouraged Kongsberg Simrad to look at whether the working environment on PSV bridges could
also be changed in other respects to improve safety and efficiency of operations.
Together with experienced system operators, Kongsberg Simrad evaluated several solutions and
ended up by developing a new workplace for the PSV aft bridge. Here, the ergonomics of the DP
operator positions has been improved and the position offers a wide range of possibilities for
individual adjustments. Within the total workspace, the location of equipment has been carefully
planned to support alternative schemes for sharing work between the two operators. In particular,
this can be noticed in the arrangement of the positions for ship handling.

for more Information can download here: DP workboats psv vessels


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